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A leader in car-science and innovation since 1955, Chempak Solutions has been one of the most trusted, efficient and responsive private label manufactures in the industrial and automotive car care industry throughout the world.  Our team is constantly striving to make advanced products that exceed our clients’ expectations, allowing them to offer their consumer base, top quality products that are second to none.


As a private label manufacture, Chempak Solutions provides a complete service focusing on product quality, client communication, technology & science and our commitment to on-time delivery.

Company History

Over 60 years ago, Chempak Solutions began its roots in Riverside California as a family distribution company for automotive detailing products.  As the distribution grew, so did client demand.  By the early 1980’s, we were offering our own paste wax, Surluster* to the North American and Asia Pacific markets.  In 1992, Laurent Streichenberger took the reins of the family business and began expanding the services to include private label and manufacturing, concentrating on developing custom-made formulas geared towards our clients’ specific requests.  Today, still run by the same family, and still made in southern California, our products are well-represented and continue to thrive around the world.

Company Philosophy 

Our core values and primary focus are: product quality, client communication, technology and science, and our commitment to on-time delivery.

Product Quality: We strive to find the best possible, high-quality materials and manufacturing procedures that guarantee consistent product results that our clients’ customers can depend on.

Client Communication: Chempak Solutions has always encouraged open communication and listens to our clients and their customers’ feedback to determine what is and isn’t working.  We believe open communication is an integral part of our success and helps us to determine and predict market variances and the needs and wants of the end-user.

Technology & Science: Finding the right solutions that matter the most is our priority.  That’s why our chemists, alongside the research and development teams, can develop proprietary blends and formulas made specifically for our clients’ needs and wants.  Our expertise extends to packaging specifications; guiding you toward packaging choices that are compatible with the formulas you have chosen is part of our service.

On time Delivery: We pride ourselves in always meeting deliverables.  If your regular suppliers consider that “on time” delivery is optional, turn to us.  We have the team and flexibility to accommodate your needs.

Our Team
Laurent Streichenberger
Chief Executive Officer

Laurent Streichenberger moved to southern California from France. He studied economy & science where he received his degree from Sciences PO, Paris Institute of Political Studies. He then proceeded to work for the Michelin Tire Corporation where he cut his teeth in international sales and moved up the ranks to the advertising division, developing groundbreaking strategies and sustainable partnerships. 22 years ago, Laurent was asked to move to the US to help his health stricken father-in-law manage his businesses including Chempak Solutions. After a few years, passionate for entrepreneurism and decided to live the “American Dream”, he launched his own company, Action Laundry focusing on an industrial niche, servicing OEM clients such as: Volcom, Billabong, Hurley, Quiksilver and O'Neill. Upon selling Action Laundry, Laurent served as COO for Titus Interactive, a revolutionary video game developer where he lead unique sales teams into big box retail, penetrating accounts such as: Walmart, Toys “R” Us, Best Buy, GameStop, Target and AAFES. In 2003,with encouragement from his family, Laurent came back into the family business and acquired Chempak Solutions from his father-in-law where he continues to serve as the CEO today. In his free time, Laurent loves to go backpacking with his friends, and skiing with his family and wife Hillary. A proud father of three he is grateful for his family’s support in Chempak where he continues to extend his good nature and family values to his employees.

Alan Sponholz
Accounting & Purchasing

Alan Sponholz is an innovative and driven accounting professional with over 25 years of diverse experience in financial modeling, management reporting, budgeting, forecasting, revenue recognition, variance analysis, consolidations, and P&L. After receiving his degree in Business Administration, Accounting Core from RCC, Alan started his career as a full charge bookkeeper for KMW Accounting and has since worked in a variety of industries including: hotel and restaurant, printing, lighting, and textiles, where he has continually lead by example by rolling up his sleeves and finding the right solutions to complex problems. His incredibly diverse level of experience along with his strong interpersonal skills enables Alan to build confidence in the colleagues that work around him and across all lines of Chempak Solutions organization.


When Alan isn’t crunching numbers, you can find him cycling, hiking and traveling with his wife Lucy of 38 years and his son Jason and his daughter Katherine. Alan also enjoys being a professional freelance photographer where he has worked with some of the most well respected talent in the fashion and wildlife industries.


We have grown to become a global supplier of chemical specialty products and formulas to meet the unique needs of the automotive, trucking, marine and industrial markets.  Chempak operates two facilities in southern California with a production capacity that can exceed 60,000 units per week.  Our quality control is set to meet the requirements of FED. STANDARD #368A and ANSI/ASQC ZI. 4-1993, and our products have zero VOC or are CA compliant with AQMD rules.


In addition, we are fully EDI compatible and operate and facilitate a product distribution center as well as warehousing services with regular inventory reporting capabilities.  Because Chempak Solutions is responsive and flexible, we can to meet the needs of our clients’ broad range of customized requests, whether it is a long-term contract or a per job basis.


Chempak Solutions is a full service, results based company. If you have a request, we would love to hear it.

Our Products
  A few of our products include:
  • Paste Wax

  • Metal Polish

  • Soaps

  • Car Wash Soaps and Supplies

  • De-greasers

  • Waxes

  • Tire dressings

  • Wheel Cleaners

  • Wheel Acid

  • Pool Table Products

  • Polishes

  • Floor Cleaners

  • Hand Cleaner

  • Head Light Restore Kits

  • Metal Production Cleaner

  • Ultra Sonic Cleaners

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Why Choose Us

Chempak Solutions has been satisfying our clients for over 60 years, with products well represented both domestically and internationally.  We pride ourselves in our unique client approach by committing to continually improving the value of our products and services by understanding our client’s end-user needs. Our in-depth knowledge to the automotive and Industrial private label business is unmatched.  


The company’s full line of products is manufactured using the highest quality materials available while operating state of the art manufacturing procedures, technology and packaging equipment.  These facts, along with the company’s commitment to our core values allow Chempak Solutions to:


  •  Out-perform the competition

  •  Continue to be made in the USA

  •  Base formulas that have been tried and tested by detailing professionals around the world

  •  Stay on the cutting edge of technologies and trends

  •  Provide competitive prices / low fill fees

  •  Low minimums

  •  2oz – 275-gallon (tote) fill capabilities

  •  Offer a comprehensive selection of products

  •  Provide research and development to insure innovative products

  •  Develop sustainable products

  •  Provide excellent customer service

  •  Uphold systems to comply with regulatory requirements

  •  Complete packaging problem solving

  •  Warehouse services and solutions

  •  Go to market strategies

  •  Web marketing and design expertise

  •  POS/ POP display

Automotive Private Label
Industrial Private Label
A solution for your package, or a package for your solution.
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